Residential Care Services operates four group homes.   It is in this setting that residents have share common areas, such as kitchen, bathrooms, and gathering rooms.   Many bedrooms are single occupancy, with the exception being a double occupancy room, which is always with a person of the same gender.

It is in these group homes that residents are coached and reminded of  their recovery goal.  This recovery goal is a goal created by the resident and is the focus of the staff when teaching and coaching activities of daily living, participation in community activities, and when participating in group activities.

Our group homes are located in Bellevue, Shadyside, Millvale, and Squirrel Hill.    While each of these group homes adhere to the policies and procedures of Residential Care Services, each group home has a Project Director and staff that tailor each facility to the needs, interests, and suggestions of the residents, therefore each group home has their own “feel” which may differ from another.

Balph Ave CRR

Millvale CRR

South Aiken CRR

Maryland Ave CRR

Hasina CRR

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