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Balph CRR is a seven bed program that opened in (I believe) March of 1994. The home is composed of three male and three female beds. The seventh bed can be used for either sex or for those who may have some physical limitations. The group home is located in Bellevue. Bellevue offers many opportunities for the residents as well as the surrounding community. Our residents are in close proximity for dental, medical, eye and psychiatric treatment options all within a two to three block radius. Bellevue offers may different eateries and social settings. Bellevue is home to New Horizons which is a peer run facility. With that said, it is rumored that the mental health population comprises roughly about $200,000 of Bellevue’s revenue in purchasing coffee and food from the local shops. Another key fact is that Bellevue is a dry community. The goal of the CRR is to  assist those in recovery with achieving their goals towards recovery. Balph staff strives to work efficiently and effectively with the members of each individuals team  and family to make their stay successful.

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