The Human Resource Department of Residential Care Services, Inc is always accepting resumes for positions within the company.  There are not always vacant positions since staff turnover is low. You may submit your resume to the human resources department anytime by emailing it to

When considering employment with Residential Care Services, Inc know that there are  core values which we find important in the people who work here.      These core values include teamwork, transparency, leadership, and initiative; we pride ourselves on a team that is honest, hardworking, and diverse.    The success of our programs rely on these and the ability of our team to communicate with others and to form genuine relationships with the people we serve.


We believe, at Residential Care Services, that when individuals work together and each perform their respective jobs to the best of their ability that the entire residential team is successful which means the resident will have better outcomes and live their lives i the community.      At Residential Care Services we do not take the “Lone Ranger” approach, rather we work collaboratively on all levels, from the Board of Directors to each individual site,  team work is an expectation.


At Residential Care Services we believe in transparency in the workplace. Transparency, at Residential Care Services, refers to creating an environment that is open. No secrets. People know what’s going on at all times. Celebrating success and learning from failures across the organization is what improves our outcomes and eventually the outcomes the people we serve.


At Residential Care Services we believe that there are not problems only solutions.    We believe in being solution based and our staff are encourage to solve issues as they arise and attempt encourage staff to “think outside the box” and find solutions or recommend ideas not just search for answers from supervisors.


We do not make promises or offers we can not keep.  Those who work at, and represent, Residential Care Services  “say what we can do” and “do what we say”, after all it is what our reputation is built on and the reason we are one of the best residential providers.



We place a high value on diversity here, because it is only through our differences that we can grow to appreciate others for who they really are. These differences can be anything from race, to educational background, sexual orientation, religious practices, economic status, to position in the company hierarchy, and so many others! And it is not only among our employees where we place this value, but also among the people we serve. By getting to know the consumers, and understanding differences, we can tailor our services to better meet their needs.

Providing Housing and Support Services for Persons with Special Needs.


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