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The Wetzel Program is an independent guidance program for three residents focusing on structuring the environment via a Contingency Management Program (CMP) and changing dysfunctional behaviors via a Milestone Program (MP). The CMP and MP are designed to improve motivation, enhance skills capabilities, improve skills application and assisting in the transition of the consumer into a less structured environment. The benefits and consequences of her behaviors are discussed and revisited regularly, by the inherent design of the program, to facilitate a full understanding of the program and her identified goals. The fundamental and common goals for all consumers is to build a “life worth living”. The Project Director and staff work with various disciplines including Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) at this specialized facility.

In these programs, residents get the advantage of learning to maintain their own living space with on-site staff support available 24 hours per day. The (CMP) is an arbitrary reinforcement system that consists of four basic tools: House Rules, Daily Point System, Level System, and Standard Behavioral Interventions.




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