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Melwood Apartment CRR Program   is a twelve-bed, residential facility, providing community-based, twenty-four hour mental health supports for  adults. Our staffing team includes a project director, a program supervisor, and six full time/ one part-time direct care resident advisors. The CRR strives to promote a sense of dignity, well-being and the comfort of home, giving individuals a place to feel at ease in the community while growing in their mental health recovery and furthering their skills to live independently in the community. Our individuals are encouraged to be engaged in positive, recovery-oriented activities; such as connecting with significant others, participating in an outpatient treatment program, holding a job, taking classes or volunteering.  In addition to mental health treatment, the facility provides Domiciliary Care, as needed by assessment. The individuals in this program receive additional assistance to develop and practice basic adult daily living skills, as well as receiving prepared meals or groceries to prepare themselves, cleaning products and personal supplies.

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