South Aiken CRR

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The South Aiken MISA CRR was opened in March of 1994 during an Agency expansion of five different programs.  Gregg Murphy was the original Project Director, and was responsible for designing the program structure (much of which is still in place today).  South Aiken is a six-bed male facility, located in the Friendship area a “stones-throw” away from West Penn Hospital, focusing on mental illness and substance abuse issues.  We typically obtain our referrals from In-Patient hospitals (i.e.:  WPIC), Rehabs (i.e.:  Pyramid/Transitions), and Forensics (i.e.:  Allegheny County Jail).  The program length is typically 9 months to a year, during which time clients concentrate on recovery issues (i.e.:  building positive supports in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous (AA/NA), building clean time, and learning about substance abuse triggers), building ADLs, and improving psychological  awareness.  The foundation of a client’s success at South Aiken is the ability to be honest and have the willingness to change.  Clients graduate through four Phases of development and independence.  Each Phase includes increased responsibilities and leadership roles.  Client’s daily schedules are very structured, including medication times, household chores, day program, AA/NA meetings, various activities, and appointments.  Upon completion of South Aiken, clients are encouraged to continue their success at Apartment CRRs, Supportive Housing, or independent living with maintained supports.  The overall goal of South Aiken is to equip clients with the skills needed to be able to successfully live independently in the community while enhancing and maintaining their overall recovery.

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