Referral Information

With the large number of providers and an even higher level of need by residents, Allegheny County Office of Behavioral Health has centralized referrals for residential programs.     Residential Care Services, Inc  will admit persons according to the procedures specified in contracts for service currently in effect (P&P 180).

The referral process to all housing programs within Residential Care Services, Inc follow the following procedure as established by the Allegheny County of  Behavioral Health:

1) The Allegheny County Residential Referral Form is completed in it’s entirety.
2) The Referral is faxed to the Allegheny County-Office of Behavioral Health (412) 350-4245
3) There is supported documentation that is needed:
a) Physical;
b) Psychiatric Evaluation;
c) TB tests;
d) Psycho-social history

Admission Criteria

1)  Age 18 years or older, or an emancipated minor;
2) Diagnosed with a psychiatric disability;
3) Demonstration of social maladjustment which prevents independent community living;
4) Demonstration  of inability to form and maintain interpersonal relationships or the inability to carry out decisions for self-care
and independent living;
5) Capable of self preservation (as defined by Pennsylvania Code Title 55; Chapter 5310)
6) Capable of self-administration of medications with only verbal prompting from program staff;
7)  Willingness to sign an agreement to receive and participate in services offered;

NOTE:  Residential Care Services, Inc does not accept referrals sent directly to our programs, all referrals must follow the criteria above and processed by the Allegheny County office of Behavioral Health

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