From the Board President and Executive Director

We are pleased to provide you with the Residential Care Services, Inc. 2015-2016 annual report. We hope you find the information useful and informative.

At Residential Care Services, Inc. our mission is to enhance the quality of life for persons in mental health recovery by providing individualized community based support while promoting dignity, health and wellness. We do this with a very dedicated and capable staff and Board of Directors who inspire hope and opportunity to those individuals living in one of our programs.

For the 12th consecutive year, there was no increase in our funding. What was even more concerning was the Sate not passing a budget for 7 months and providers not receiving any funding but expected to provide services without compensation. While many agencies needed to tap into lines of credit, RCS did not need to do so. We closely monitored our revenue and expenses and a couple of our vendors assisted us by not charging us until we received funding!

Again as in past years of no increase in funding, many other costs associated with the Agency increased such as health insurance with an increase of 13.5%, utilities of 5% increase as well as rental increases. We also increased the starting salary for employees to a minimum of $10.00 for a high school graduate in order to assist in attracting new employees (our turnover this fiscal year was 24%).

For the third year, the county provided RCS with a small subsidy ($205 per month) to assist with individuals accepted into the agency without any funding. These individuals usually come to RCS from the county jail or are transitional aged youth. The percentage this year (from the jail) was 30% or 26/87 individuals and 13.8% or 12/87 transitional aged youth accepted into one of our CRR programs. Most of these individuals received the county subsidy. The amount of time for the subsidy differs from person to person however; the subsidy does not cover the true cost of housing and supports provided by RCS.

Allegheny County Department of Human Services continues to provide referrals for our licensed sites. The overall average days per vacancy remained almost the same as last year at 32days. Although we attempt to decrease the number of days a bed is vacant, we must rely on outside service providers to assist us in the process.

RCS admitted 87 individuals into both full care and supported housing programs during the year. This was a decrease from 111 the previous year.

With all the above being noted, we do celebrate the many successes of the individuals served and their personal growth and recovery. It is a journey that we are proud to be part of on a daily basis.

We again thank our community partners and supporters in helping us assist individuals with their recovery journey.
For additional information on RCS, please visit our website at The website provides you with pictures of our residential facilities as well as some general information about our programs and services.

Mark Phillis, President, Board of Directors
Beth Monteverde, Executive Director

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