“”Gratitude is the memory of the heart. You all don’t know how grateful I am for what you guys have done just in the short time I’ve been here.  I have never had so much support like I do now.  I appreciate everything you all do on a daily basis for me.  You help me fight more and more every day, even if I don’t want to. A heartfelt thanks for all you have done.”  -K.M. (Melwood)

“I have lived in Millvale before, so I had an idea of what to expect.  I had a lot of changes to make in order for me to live there, out of the hospital, and the staff was optimistic for my recovery. They believed in me while I didn’t believe in myself.  They encouraged me like a friend or a mentor. In the hospital I was a sleeper. I knew my bed well and ran to it for comfort.  However, the staff here was like a coach, motivating me and telling me I needed to break the bad habits and get out of bed and take care of myself.  They were patient with me. It was more about progress, not perfection, so when I got up and took a shower, they complimented me on my improvements.  If I had a bad day and didn’t get outo f bed, they didn’t yell at me. They talked to me about how well i had done yesterday.  I was seen as a person, not as a mental illness”.   -S.A. (Millvale)

“I really enjoy RCS. They helped me to be my own person and to find my identity.  Most of all, Supportive Housing helped me find my own apartment and now I have responsibilities.  They gave me a chance at life.”  -P.J. (Shadyside Supportive Housing)

“RCS has helped me stay sober and get organized things for my lace so I can get my own apartment.  I have stayed out of trouble and away from bad people. Staff helps me take my medicine on time”.  -O.B. (Stanton)

The RCS CRR at Penn Ave is very helpful for me.  I have had many difficult situations where I couldn’t handle my emotions rationally and have used the staff often for help.  Not only have they helped me regulate my medications; learning to take when and how prescribed, but also they have all talked with me when I  have been struck by intense emotions.  They have all talked with me when I needed.  Have been very trustworthy and empathetic and give great guidance.  Also they have helped motivate me and help me remember my goals.  I feel safe and cared for here”.   M.A(Penn)

“Karen referred me to another RCS service to help me move into my own apartment. They have taught me to be trusting and utilize staff if I am anxious rather than running to the hospital. Staff have advocated for me when service coordination has fallen through. They remind me to utilize CTT services. They have helped me in numerous ways to give me direction, suggestions and good advice. I feel confident that I am ready to move to my own place when a few months ago it seemed impossible and terrifying. I am grateful for my experience here.”
-Melissa A. (Penn Ave.)

“As I reflect on my time with RCS, it feels like my life has been on an upward trajectory. From the initial days when I had no idea what I was becoming involved in, to the realization that RCS was the best thing that could have happened to me. You have brought me from the days of inactivity to my eventual participation in activities. What staff has accomplished with me is nothing less than miraculous.”
-Anonymous (Bellevue SH consumer)

“My recovery experience means a lot to me. My experience while living here the last 16 months has been mind changing. Staff has been great and helped me stay on track learning new experiences to become more independent.”
-Anonymous (Balph)

“Living here has given me the stability that I was missing in my life. I have been homeless and suffer from PTSD. Living here has allowed me to recovery and take my medication consistently and have a safe place to live.”
-Jeff S. (Penn Ave.)

“A combination of things from Supportive Housing has helped over time (coming over to check on me, the activities and the staff appointments). I did not have to have my mom help me as much because I am more independent and can do more things on my own.”
-Phillip J. (SH Shadyside)

“I would like to personally express my gratitude to South Aiken staff and say that during my stay the staff has tremendously helped me in my the recovery process. Upon entering I was greeted with warmth and comfort by staff and other residents. The structure of the program helped me obtain support in various areas of my recovery and my life!! All my health issues, spiritual and mental health needs were met. The program taught me to take care of my responsibilities, my medicine and attend NA meetings. The staff took great interest in helping me succeed in meeting my goals of the program. I would recommend this program to anyone!”
-Thomas P. (South Aiken)

“Living at the CRR has helped my recovery by showing me that I can live independently and do things on my own.”
-Elaine M. (Penn Ave.)

When I think of word “recovery” it makes me think of setting goals and trying to take steps forward.”
-Anonymous (Stanton Ave. consumer)

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