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Supportive Housing Bellevue
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Supportive Housing Programs

For those individuals and families desiring permanent housing in the community; we offer a supportive housing programs where the focus in on a place to live rather than a place to receive treatment. The goal is to provide emotional and/or financial assistance while enabling the residents to retain their independence in the community. One-on-one contact is provided, as needed to develop personal and social skills and education in the use of community resources.

Supportive Housing Apartments

Individuals who are a part of our Supportive Housing program live in their own apartments in the community. RCS staff provide in-home support services to them as little or as often as needed. Supportive Housing supervisors are available to consumers by pager 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. In some instances, we provide a financial subsidy to help cover rent costs. When this occurs, the individual is eventually placed on a goal to achieve financial independence, for instance by applying for Section 8 housing or obtaining a part-time job. Once an individual is both financially and emotionally independent, they are ready to graduate from the Supportive Housing program.

Our goal is to provide assistance as needed with daily activities to consumers while also respecting their desire to live independently. Individual contact is provided to develop personal/social skills, recognize and use the available community resources, education in medication management, increase daily living skills, increase stress management ability and assist in educational and vocational planning. Staff is available by personal visits, phone or beeper, 24 hours a day. Currently RCS operates two offices, one is in Bellevue and one in Shadyside.


  The mission of Residential Care Services, Inc. is to enhance the quality of life for persons in mental health recovery by providing individualized community-based support while promoting dignity, health and wellness.  

Providing Housing and Support Services for Persons with Special Needs.

Residential Care Services is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.

Private donations are accepted and used for activities and special needs of the individual.

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